Tools and Resources

The Carlton Fields CCPA Toolkit

Does the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) apply to your business? Are you ready for it? Take this free assessment and get a customized report, including a tailored checklist of compliance action items to consider. The CCPA Toolkit will help you determine whether the CCPA applies to your business, assess your readiness, and develop a plan for meeting compliance requirements.

CCPA: A Reference Guide for Compliance (eBook)

The CCPA creates a number of rights and obligations. Businesses should begin to prepare for the change, which will go into effect on January 1, 2020. To help you prepare and understand the impact the CCPA may have on your business, Carlton Fields’ cybersecurity and privacy attorneys have compiled this helpful reference guide.

The Carlton Fields GDPR Assessment App

Carlton Fields has designed this app to streamline the process of gathering relevant information about data collection and processing, marketing, behavior monitoring, and EU presence. By providing answers to common questions in an easy-to-use online interview, you will receive an initial assessment as to the likelihood the GDPR applies to you, and we’ll immediately gather additional details tailored to your situation. Upon completion, your responses will be submitted to our Cybersecurity and Privacy practice and will streamline our work with you in completing a formal assessment and developing a compliance strategy.